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From: Vlad M.

Everybody in the CPA world is screaming that TV Series are dead... that's a lie! What's true is that the big guys aren't in this niche anymore. Of course it's hard to make more then 300-400$ per day in this niche, but hey... I'm not greedy!
I am happy with what I'm making now... 100-130$ each day without working more than 2 hours/day!

If you're struggling to make money with CPA, CPA Blaster is exactly what you need...

No Experience - easy to use, no complex knowledge needed

No Cost - our methods are completely free and they generate their own free traffic

No Time - no more spending a week setting up your website and getting traffic only to see 3$/day... you can get your whole website and traffic setup in 2 hours.

Note: This tool was made to boost your CPA campaign earnings to levels you never thought you could reach. So, I'll skip the "product features" and tell you what the direct benefits are...

Instant Content: All you have to do is think about what TV serie you want to promote and CPA Blaster will do all the hard work for you. Our software will find and post all episodes on your blog with the click of one button... And that's not all it will keep your blog updated, posting all the new episodes for all the series you want!

Instant Youtube Traffic: This tool will make your life much easier , the ones how are already using youtube traffic know that your videos are constantly being removed because the competition is flagging them. Cpa Blaster will auto check all your videos , and if one of them is removed it will automaticly upload it with different title and description on a different account all on autopilot.

In case you didn't understand the power of what I just told you and to make things even clearer, take a look at this video.

If you're struggling to get traffic from YouTube then CPA Blaster will change your world:

No More Duplicate Upload Screens - create one video upload it as many times as you want! CPA Blaster will trick the Duplicate content filters for you.

No More Uploading - the hardest and ugliest part of YouTube marketing is to reupload the videos that got removed. That time is over because CPA Blaster will reupload all your videos.

CPA Blaster was created to automate the tactics of some big CPA earners that are currently in the Movies/TV Series niche. We worked closely with them to automate and tweak their methods. See what they have to say...

CPA Blaster can turn you into a CPA master...

While we were testing the software we've got some insane responses from our testing group. Mircea, Darky and Bogdan made between 30$-50$ each day and Alex blown our minds up with his over 200$/day. All earnings were made just by using CPA Blaster!

OK, Let's Make A Recap Of All Features Available In CPA Blaster

YouTube Uploader/Re-Uploader - Uploads videos, and if they are removed, theu are auto-uploaded with a different title/description

Video Spinner - You can use a single video file to upload as many times as you want

Video statistics- Video statistics (total views,total videos, total accounts etc..) are available. Powerful sorting options are also available in the YouTube module

Video List/Unlist - We have some strategies that involve List/Unlist. This will boost you up in the search

Video Manager - Track your video's position (based on a search term), views and details

Multiple YouTbe accounts - Supports an unlimited number of YouTube accounts

Autosave system - You won't lose anything, never!

Watermark System - Add an image watermark to all your videos

Personal Google API - You can use your own Google API Key
Search/Post TV Series - Searches for any tv serie you can think of and posts them on your blog

Complex Blog Post - A blog post created with CPA Blaster consists of: TV serie image, description, title and video embed code
Multiple Video Sources - CPA Blaster gives you Megavideo, Videoweed and Novamov links

TV Serie Manager - A complex dashboard will announce you when new episodes appear for all your tracked TV Series.

Training Videos - Currently you can watch 2 30 minutes training videos that explain everything you need to know

Custom Widgets - You will also get a custom widget pack that is fully tested and increases your CPA conversion

Secret Strategies - We will share with you secret strategies on how to reach top positions and how to create your videos

Auto-updating system - You will also have your latest version of CPA Blaster, because it auto-updates.
+ more

Good question.
The price... right now you have a one time chance to grab this powerful software for a low, low price! The "insiders" in the CPA Community that we have shown this think we are crazy for selling it this low! We have been told that we should be charging at least $100... but you can get your copy for a limited time, for ...

This is fair enough , starting with your second month you will make more then $40/day, so you will pay your license with less then the money you make in one day using CPA Blaster.

This method has worked great for me and the testing team, but I make no claims or promises as to how much money you will or could make. You are hereby informed to read and put these methods into action at your own risks.

I forgot to tell you about the EBook!
You will get our Beginner Guide for free. You will find secret tips and a complete guide for CPA Blaster in this unique EBook. And here I'm talking about a real EBook not a crappy 8 page book. You will get 45 pages of intens training that will bring you closer to more than 50$/day.

You will find out how to:

Click the button below to order right now...

The ONLY difference between the Winners... and the Losers in life is one simple thing: The Willingness To Take Massive Action. You have that opportunity here today....


     To your great success,

* No PS's, Mate... You've got everything you need to either Win... or Whine. You Decide- just do it Soon!

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